Are you in a situation where you see yourself tasked with what you call a complex undertaking?

Perhaps, a new role as a leader or a change of organization’s strategic direction.

Complex(ity) is part of the managerial term VUCA.

As you deal with factors of influence like regulations, partnerships, channels, and stakeholders to nurture, how does it feel being in this situation?

and how does it impress in you the complexity of the task to deliver the optimum flow to ferry your organization to its intended direction?

Before feeling overwhelmed or losing footing, let us look closely and distinguish what makes your situation complex.

How do you determine the fundamental element as to its complexity?

Is the situation presented to you complex?

it could be. But we can seldom have control over how our external environment will unfold. 

But we do with our responses to it. 

Try to notice how our emotions tend to bombard us with uneasy-anxious feelings when introduced to newness and non-familiar.

Our minds tends to distract us from our creative capacity, and the discovery of new approaches.

Hence our mind depicts it as complicated. 

That is when we freeze.

We settle with limited responses- our actions to our situation.

Overwhelm takes control over us.

Take back your control.

Invite yourself for a brief walk. And try to ask:

what makes my situation complex?

what do I believe is true of my situation?

what is my proof?

what if it is the other way?

what risks are there if I take a different approach?