As a business leader, do you consider ambiguous situations too familiar with your role?

The word Ambiguity forms part of a business term VUCA.

In most instances, we attribute to our circumstances the ambiguity of our situation.

And That the things beyond our control made it that way.

But if we step back a bit, we might ask what makes our situation ambiguous:

Is it the circumstance we are facing or is it our reaction to what comes to our heads as we experience our situation?

We feel what we think. And in what we call an ambiguous situation we may interpret it as a sense of uncertainty.

That is why we employ measures of Control as a sense of SafetyNet to create a semblance of Certainty.

Yet we know too well that the things we try to associate with control are variable (like the what if’s in our head), which is why the notion of being in control may not be upon us.

So here is my invitation for you:

Take the time to ask- how do I like to approach my situation impactfully, knowing fully well that what I am up against is foremost of a mental chatter in my head?

How can I perform exponentially well at this present moment that could make an impact on the people I serve?