As business leaders, a lot of considerations are entrusted to us as the decision-maker of our organization.

In certain instances, this could turn out to be the source of burnout, anxiety, and overwhelm to us.

We feel these agitations when we let our external environment, the events that unravel around us get the most from our thinking. In effect, these external factors influence our thoughts, and how we feel.

To which our subsequent actions are drawn.

When we overthink things, we are left to spend much of our energy justifying them.

This impulse could probably originate from our desire to be in control of the outcome, thus we only act upon it if we determine a semblance of certainty as a result of our actions.

And so the cycle of (over) thinking.

And if left unchecked, this habit is what limits most of us from enabling an empowered decision.

The thing is, the future is only shaped based on quality of thoughts and action we put into into it.

We create our future by the nature of decisions we partake in today.

So if we just let our thoughts settle instead of indulging in overthinking, our wisdom will naturally flow and guide us the way for empowered decisions to take place.

We don’t need to be in a situation that we overthink a lot of things and get stuck in a cycle of where limiting decision will take shape as a result.

What we need to do is to allow our wisdom to take the lead for us.

And take action.

If we only allow it.