As business leaders, what are ways to enable change and rally our organization toward our vision?

Since the words leadership and change are attributes that most business Leaders’ roles are associated with, the key would lie with the kind of engagement that our team members are extending towards the organization.

As a business leader, you can enhance the quality of engagement with each member of your team by taking into consideration that buy-in is essential for this to take shape.

Buy-in is earned if we engage with our team and acknowledge that growth requires their awareness to be anchored on empowering perspectives- on those perspectives that are not dependent on the organization or the leader, but instead towards those aspirations that enable them to feel fulfilled and grow.

And buy-in can be achieved when we allow a breathing space for creativity so that each member can grow and flourish to their fullest potential.

If there is buy-in, we can then experience engagement from the team.

And change will be a valuable outcome to take place.

Here are some activities that you can discover for yourself:

Have you tried taking a task that lights- up your energy, and you are fully engaged while performing it because it provides meaning for you?

How does this feel as you are doing it?

On the other hand, when you are doing a task that you just simply want to get through. How does this feel?

How do these insights about leadership and change resonate with you? 

Share with us your thoughts on this topic.