Do you wish to perform well as a business leader?

We should be aware that our definition of performance and productivity has a lot to do with our perception of it.

If we are preoccupied with putting meanings in our head, and away from the activities that impact our performance, then our energy is spent on them.

We often disregard the fact that our thoughts tend to influence how we feel, just as accommodating a barrage of thoughts would not compliment the performance that we aspired for.

Productivity requires that we allow for positive space in our mind so that our creativity flows.

Which points us to performance.

The best part about creativity is that it is naturally occurring.

It happens when we scan into our awareness and gravitate to those thoughts that empower us, we will also notice that our body is primed with the energy that propels us to achieve productivity. 

You will notice that you are productive when you are less invested in toxic mental chatter, and more in being all-out with creative headspace as you engage with the work or task at hand.

This is also called a flow state.

Did you allow positive space to occupy your thoughts, or were you overwhelmed with the cycle of thoughts going in your head?