Our desire to be in control of whatever challenges comes our way, and to be creative in our actions in response to these challenges is what most business leaders would aspire to perfect and be efficient with.

Because as leaders, we know too well that our role could just feel too overwhelming as we face a barrage of demands which requires our emotions, time and attention.

The key here is to understand that the magnitude of our perceived problems only weighs the same in the propensity to the thought that we associated them in our mind.

When we think of it as a whole lot, we feel them as a whole lot.

This is because our emotions tends to respond to the meanings that we associate our thinking in that moment.

So, the awareness of how big or small our problems are depends completely upon our impression of our situation.

We may not be aware of it, but we are capable of making up a problem, or making our situation problematic.

On the other hand, consider that our mind is naturally designed to be creative and adaptive in the face of the problems we face.

Our mind is capable of creative ideas, if we let it operate in its natural tendencies.

I would like you to try this exercise:

Acknowledge that feeling that you have right now, try to understand what it tries to tell you.

And then let it just pass to allow space for calmness to settle in.

What came up next for you? Let’s talk about it.