2023 is halfway through. Do you feel that something is holding you back from the Goals you set?

Notice that in situations, we tend to hold back and stay in our comfort zone.

And We feel motivated to lean towards shielding ourselves from experiencing the (dreadful) feeling of disappointment if we miss out on our goals. 

As a leader, your organization expects you to fully operate on your resources and deliver the goals you have set out. 

You have the option to not let your organization, more importantly, yourself down.

Why not ponder how this plays in your mind? Ask: 

Have I been 101% committed to finding ways to move my tasks forward?

Or I became preoccupied with the “what-if” narrative that I prefer to play it safe?

If you are 101% committed, here is some good news to get you started: 

Enough approaches are awaiting your disposal.

And as you are fully committed, allow your creative capacity to keep at it and break more ground for you.

The key is to trust your ingenuity and innovativeness to thrive and do the work for you. 

So ask these as you are working on your goals:

Do I feel that I am making enough headways in favor of my goals, or do I believe that I can do more?