Let’s talk about ways of laying the groundwork for peak performance and productivity.

We have always been keen to master it with consistency.

And this topic is closer to home for most business leaders, where performance and productivity will reflect business leadership success.

So, how do we drive optimum performance and productivity for our organization?

Why don’t we examine from another perspective: Performance as an attribute of a leader?

To a certain extent, we perform our best when we fully engage in things that require our action.

Yes, as we allow ourselves to be more involved with our tasks and less into stories that tunes-in in our head, we become more responsive to influence the outcome we set out for organizational and team stewardship.

Speaking of the stories that play in our heads, these are recordings of experiences that flash to our consciousness.

Some could be limiting us from sourcing-out fresh ideas and taking bold actions.

They cloud our choices to seize the opportunities in front of us.

On the contrary, as we choose to act and fully engage ourselves to operate with passion and commitment, our natural capabilities and creative potential will propel us to ideal results, which are supported by process or a metric.

After all, we can seldom expect to create an empowered outcome from opportunities presented to us, AND base our actions (or inactions) on the whims of the “it works in the past, hence..” narrative.