Do we need to be resilient to fulfill what we envision?

We don’t have to if the uncertainties and challenges we face are not a factor impacting us. 

But what if it does? 

Then how about if we look closer at this attribute, also known as Courage?

Becoming courageous would mean feeling scared AND still choosing to take action despite of.

This attribute resides beyond our habitual thinking of what-ifs (our ego).

This attribute called courage is inherent to all of us.

And we can readily access it to do the heavy lifting for us in the face of obstacles and adversities.

But why do we choose to look the other way and often gravitate towards the emotion associated with pessimism and loss of drive more often than resilience and courage?

We get that a lot as our habitual thinking associates our (past) experiences and relates them to our present challenges.

It is our default emotional state whenever an unfamiliar situation presents itself.

So here is the thing.

If pessimism and fear are but an expression of our emotional state, mirrored from an experience, then the ones that limit us are merely from our thoughts perceived. 

It does not define who we are today.

We can freely transform our world into our playground to explore (and impact) and leave a legacy should we choose to.

Hence experiencing, discovering, and tapping into our fullest potential is upon us.

It’s all in our choice to live life right here and now!