Success and Failure Equation.

How we describe our situation rests on our perception of what it means to be failing or succeeding.

Yes, we alone can interpret the very meaning of success and failure in our lives.

Our self-talk is so worked-up in this emotional arena to remind us that we have a dream to fulfill, yet we hold ourselves from taking action toward the opportunities in front of us.

We talk ourselves out that failure is inevitable.

And that it makes sense if we do not play it all out!

And as we get caught up in the emotional spiral of what counts as a measure of success or failure, we end up exhausting our way from our life’s purpose.

In effect, we submit that we deservingly are where we should be.

When in fact, all this, minus the “full-out”, means we only play to OUR self-opinion.

A Purposeful life played full-out.

So for a change of perspective, consider that all our efforts will count in pursuit of success as we impact other people’s lives.

And how our act based on value-giving and difference-making will make a difference in the lives that we love to serve.

So we can dedicate all our energy to ways and means of improving theirs based on what best we can offer.

And ours in the process.

Will this count as our best shot at experiencing the essence of success?

What plays in your self-talk narrative today?

How do you cultivate today to support success?