Do you have an immense desire to succeed while the thought of Risks is holding you back from giving it your best shot?

Try to ask yourself as you are in this situation.

Is it about your skill, time, effort, or resources that make it feel risky?

Or is it the fear of failing and being ridiculed by the people around you?

Yes, these unfounded thoughts make us feel incapable and not ready.

But we tend to listen to what it says more than we ought to.

These thoughts are nowhere accurate in describing our capability and best judgments that put us at the helm of business leadership in the first place.

It would mean that the narrative in our head about failing is.. based on unfounded fear which is never even bound to happen.

And we can choose not to include these unfounded thoughts in our risk equation.

As we set aside unfounded scenarios from our heads, we permit ourselves to use our best capabilities to approach our goals with conviction and courage and we minimize risks.

Take a moment to ask- what do I truly put to risk as I lean on the tasks in front of me, to take a step towards it, instead of the thoughts that limit me?

You are where you are because you have proven to yourself that you can punch above your weight on each occasion.

Build your courage to keep progressing each day while never losing sight of your Goal.